How do I m33t?

First of all, every participant needs a computer with a webcam and, best, headphones and a mouse.

Tell the people you are m33ting the name of the room. Make sure that everybody enters the same name when joining the m33ting – this is the address of a space only for you. Of course you can come up with the name long before the m33ting.

When it is time: launch m33t, type in the room name and click “m33t”. That’s it!

It is so nice here, I will grab a beer, be right back.

a friend, five minutes into his first m33ting

What is m33t?

m33t is a platform for a new kind of social interaction online. Participants are immersed into a shared space where they can see and hear each other.

It is tiring to stand for so long!

a m33t participant after actually sitting on her chair for two hours

What can I do in m33t?

You can meet people, just like you ordinarily would, but online. You can hang out with friends, organise a party, kick-off a project, play a concert. m33t is is yours to explore.

Why would I use Zoom if I can have this?

a m33t enthusiast

What do I need to m33t?

Just a computer with a web camera and a microphone. A well-lit room, headphones and minding the alignment of your camera help, too.

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