m33t 0.2.0 release

Is is our pleasure to give you the next release of m33t. You can download it from the home page. As always, we focused on what makes m33ting a good and natural experience.

First: launching. Starting with this release m33t is signed for both macOS and Windows. Modern operating systems are very careful, and rightfully so, as users often are not, so you will still see a warning. MacOS will warn you, that you downloaded the app from the internet, rather than the App Store, but will also mention, that Apple has screened m33t and found no malicious software. This is the case for every app not distributed via the App Store. Windows on the other hand has a “Windows Defender SmartScreen” feature, which at the beginning always displays the warning informing you who digitally signed the software (the publisher). With time, as more and more people express their trust by clicking “More info” and “Run anyway”, Microsoft decides to stop displaying the warning.

Then we included a more cosy way to socialise. There is now a house in m33t! It is neatly furnished and, as promised, you can sit on the chairs, couches (and by the fire, too).

Finally, we have refined the m33t avatar. Specifically, the “head” indicates in which direction one is looking. Awareness of where the attention of others is directed is a crucial element in a deep social interaction – what m33t strives to give you.

We continue to work hard and there is still more to come!