eMaze is a virtual artistic installation in m33t by Przemysław Scheller, an award-winning contemporary music composer renown for his mastery of electronic music. In collaboration with a visual artist Ashley Pink he created the installation as answer to the cultural and social lockdown.

This immersive online installation is not only an authentic, artistic experience. Additionally, it takes up the challenge of maintaining the social nature of cultural events. It is intended to be visited together with others, everybody in his own home, yet sharing the experience and interacting before, during and after the visit.

The installation opens on January 28. at 20:00 UTC+01 in a special room “eMaze“. First an online vernissage will take place with the creators. After it the exhibition will stay open for everybody.

There is only a single eMaze room and it is always limited to 20 simultaneous visitors. This is intentional. Sometimes you may not be able to get in, but often you will m33t others during your visit!

In order to visit eMaze you will need a computer with headphones, a microphone and a camera. Make sure you have a quiet, distraction-free environment to fully experience the installation. Download m33t 0.4 and type eMaze as the room name. You will have to grant the program access to the camera and microphone so that others can see and hear you.

We encourage you to resist the urge to jump in immediately and to plan a visit with a group of friends!

Admission is free, sponsored by m33t. We also thank the Polish Society of Authors and Composers for support.