m33t 0.4.0

Today we bring to you the new version of m33t – 0.4.0. It brings an update that shows the direction of m33t’s development: multiple scenes. Next to the scene which you know from the previous versions of m33t, now called VersatileValley, we have a more compact and serious ConferenceCentre. Type @ after the room name to set the scene for the room.The scene is part of the room’s name, so you can m33t, for example, in yourawesomeroom@ConferenceCentre.

A second new feature in m33t is screen sharing. In the ConferenceCentre scene, as well as in the conference hall in the VersatileValley’s castle, you can share your screen from the presenter’s podium. This is an alternative to uploading a presentation as images.

Finally, we have put microphones on the tables. Activating a microphone allows you to speak to everybody in the room.

We keep on working. Enjoy your m33tings!