m33t 0.5

Yay, new m33t! πŸŽ‰ Grab it on

Selfies 🀳! It is hard to underestimate the role they play in the social interaction. We listened and now you can shoot a selfie in m33t.

Sound model πŸ”Š. Now m33t’s model of how you hear others, and others hear you, is more realistic. We found it greatly facilitates active listening.

User interface πŸ–±. Minimal icons that only show up when relevant reduce the distraction and help you to remain immersed.

Internet connection is not always stable. πŸ’» Now when you rejoin a room you have just left you will appear where you were.

Most of the work done was behind the scenes and will give m33t cool features very soon, so stay put! 😎