m33t 0.6.5

We have been quiet for a while, but as you might guess by the increment in the version number also quite busy ⌚

The experience so far has been invaluable and has given us a clear direction in which m33t should develop – large m33tings with hundreds of participants, easy sharing of content and many cool scenes to choose from. Unfortunately there were some technical limitations that did not allow us to make the transition smooth.

So we sat down and rewrote large parts of m33t.

One is content sharing 🖼️ You can now upload not only images, but also pdfs, even multi-page ones, as well as mp4 videos. More formats will come! We also added an additional layer of security – all your uploads are encrypted before upload and only people with you in the room will be able to decrypt them.

The networking intricacies are new, too. An immediate benefit is that m33t now works reliably on unstable internet connections, seamlessly reconnecting when you happen to have a problem 🌎 Also, m33t is not anymore fundamentally limited to 20 participants. We are working on a convenient system for arranging larger m33tings. For now you have to get in touch with us if you would like to host one.

Finally, you can enjoy a theme by Przemysław Scheller in the menu of m33t 🎶