m33t 0.2.0 release

Is is our pleasure to give you the next release of m33t. You can download it from the home page. As always, we focused on what makes m33ting a good and natural experience.

First: launching. Starting with this release m33t is signed for both macOS and Windows. Modern operating systems are very careful, and rightfully so, as users often are not, so you will still see a warning. MacOS will warn you, that you downloaded the app from the internet, rather than the App Store, but will also mention, that Apple has screened m33t and found no malicious software. This is the case for every app not distributed via the App Store. Windows on the other hand has a “Windows Defender SmartScreen” feature, which at the beginning always displays the warning informing you who digitally signed the software (the publisher). With time, as more and more people express their trust by clicking “More info” and “Run anyway”, Microsoft decides to stop displaying the warning.

Then we included a more cosy way to socialise. There is now a house in m33t! It is neatly furnished and, as promised, you can sit on the chairs, couches (and by the fire, too).

Finally, we have refined the m33t avatar. Specifically, the “head” indicates in which direction one is looking. Awareness of where the attention of others is directed is a crucial element in a deep social interaction – what m33t strives to give you.

We continue to work hard and there is still more to come!



We have to admit we underestimated the importance of sitting for social interaction. Turns out it sitting is not only about relieving your legs. When people sit together they commit to a longer conversation. They may pick a place with a limited number of seats, thus communicating to others that they do not want to be disturbed. Finally, standing up is a convenient, but at the same time powerful message signifying the end of conversation.

Naturally we want to have all that subtlety in m33t.


image upload preview

One of the features we are working on is image sharing. You can check out the video below to see our progress in the development.

Currently we think about boards that are set up in the m33t scene. When next to a board anybody can upload to it an image that everyone will see. You can also upload more images and then anybody can switch them.

We think it opens up a whole new category of social interaction that can happen in m33t. On the casual side you can laugh with friends about the newest meme. In a more serious m33ting you can share the newest design with your team or even upload a power point. Maybe you might organise an art exhibition in m33t. These are a few scenarios that cross our minds, the rest will be yours to discover.

Make sure to pass by our discord server to let us know what you think about this and other new features.


m33t 0.1.3 release

m33t 0.1.3 is the first version which we decided to release beyond our narrow circle of friends. From now on m33t is available to download on its website: . We hope that a wider user base will help us to improve and broaden the scope of m33t.

In m33t 0.1.3 we have:

  • animated the m33t avatar
  • set up a relaxing beach in the m33t scene
  • improved performance so that you can all m33t smoothly
  • added an option to limit frame rate to 30fps, for those who like their laptops cool
  • created a first icon for m33t