m33t 0.5

Yay, new m33t! 🎉 Grab it on

Selfies 🤳! It is hard to underestimate the role they play in the social interaction. We listened and now you can shoot a selfie in m33t.

Sound model 🔊. Now m33t’s model of how you hear others, and others hear you, is more realistic. We found it greatly facilitates active listening.

User interface 🖱. Minimal icons that only show up when relevant reduce the distraction and help you to remain immersed.

Internet connection is not always stable. 💻 Now when you rejoin a room you have just left you will appear where you were.

Most of the work done was behind the scenes and will give m33t cool features very soon, so stay put! 😎


m33t 0.3

We are proud to present m33t 0.3. You can download it on the front page.

We added a big new functionality: sharing images. In the world there are screens which you can approach to upload one or more images. If you uploaded more, maybe for a presentation, you can switch between them. For now we only support png files, but support for other file types will come, too.

The second big addition is a new location: ruins of a medieval castle that have been adopted for a conference centre. In the castle you will find a conference hall, a space for poster sessions and rooms to spread out for networking and side discussions.

We also largely improved performance. We are devoted to making m33t laptop-friendly and as lightweight as possible.

Enjoy you m33tings!


Full-Screen Sharing

Another feature we are busy working on is full-screen sharing. It is a versatile must-have for an online interaction.

We have all stared at enough screen-shared powerpoints this year. Now we want to give you the option to jump right into dynamic discussions right after the presentation has ended. Or even earlier, if it is boring. Or before. Just like you would in a real-life meeting.



We have to admit we underestimated the importance of sitting for social interaction. Turns out it sitting is not only about relieving your legs. When people sit together they commit to a longer conversation. They may pick a place with a limited number of seats, thus communicating to others that they do not want to be disturbed. Finally, standing up is a convenient, but at the same time powerful message signifying the end of conversation.

Naturally we want to have all that subtlety in m33t.


image upload preview

One of the features we are working on is image sharing. You can check out the video below to see our progress in the development.

Currently we think about boards that are set up in the m33t scene. When next to a board anybody can upload to it an image that everyone will see. You can also upload more images and then anybody can switch them.

We think it opens up a whole new category of social interaction that can happen in m33t. On the casual side you can laugh with friends about the newest meme. In a more serious m33ting you can share the newest design with your team or even upload a power point. Maybe you might organise an art exhibition in m33t. These are a few scenarios that cross our minds, the rest will be yours to discover.

Make sure to pass by our discord server to let us know what you think about this and other new features.


m33t 0.1.3 release

m33t 0.1.3 is the first version which we decided to release beyond our narrow circle of friends. From now on m33t is available to download on its website: . We hope that a wider user base will help us to improve and broaden the scope of m33t.

In m33t 0.1.3 we have:

  • animated the m33t avatar
  • set up a relaxing beach in the m33t scene
  • improved performance so that you can all m33t smoothly
  • added an option to limit frame rate to 30fps, for those who like their laptops cool
  • created a first icon for m33t