m33t 0.6.13

A next update for m33t 🎉

The GrandGallery is now filled with m33t-inspired pictures 🏞 Each picture can be replaced, so that you can construct your own gallery.

We have also made a number of improvements, most importantly

  • casting to the screens has how clear priorities: 1. casting the video stream of the presenter, 2. showing the uploaded image or video , 3. displaying the shared screen
  • now the aspect ratio of uploaded images and videos is always preserved
  • we limited the size of the uploaded files to 50MB in a single upload
  • we tuned how the images are downloaded, so that the experience is smooth even with hundreds of user-uploaded images in the scene
  • the looking direction is not anymore disorienting after an image upload – it has been bugging us for quite a while now

Another big step for us is the first internal release of m33tSDK – the m33t Scene Design Kit ⚙️ It allows external partners to create scenes independently from us. Get in touch with us if you would like to give it a try!


m33t 0.6.12

A next release in the 0.6 line, which makes us very proud 💪

The biggest changes are related to the stability of m33t in poor network conditions. You can now also tune the quality of the video transmission in the settings.

The images you upload will now stay in a room for five minutes after everyone has left. Then they will deleted from our servers. This is quite helpful in scenarios when you would like to upload images before a m33ting, but still need to disconnect for a short while before the m33ting actually starts.

Finally, continuing our tradition for supporting social aspects of presenting art online, we included a new scene – the GrandGallery. We want to experiment with moving the traditional form of displaying 2D art into a socially-enabled m33t. So that you can visit an exhibition with friends!


m33t 0.6.5

We have been quiet for a while, but as you might guess by the increment in the version number also quite busy ⌚

The experience so far has been invaluable and has given us a clear direction in which m33t should develop – large m33tings with hundreds of participants, easy sharing of content and many cool scenes to choose from. Unfortunately there were some technical limitations that did not allow us to make the transition smooth.

So we sat down and rewrote large parts of m33t.

One is content sharing 🖼️ You can now upload not only images, but also pdfs, even multi-page ones, as well as mp4 videos. More formats will come! We also added an additional layer of security – all your uploads are encrypted before upload and only people with you in the room will be able to decrypt them.

The networking intricacies are new, too. An immediate benefit is that m33t now works reliably on unstable internet connections, seamlessly reconnecting when you happen to have a problem 🌎 Also, m33t is not anymore fundamentally limited to 20 participants. We are working on a convenient system for arranging larger m33tings. For now you have to get in touch with us if you would like to host one.

Finally, you can enjoy a theme by Przemysław Scheller in the menu of m33t 🎶


m33t 0.5.2

A small update for you 🚀 It brings a new scene: EventEdifice. We designed multiple spaces there, each to facilitate different types of interaction. We have a large auditorium, which works well for a single presenter and panel discussions. It is newly possible to display your slides and the video stream at the same time 🎥

Then we have two smaller rooms and a winter garden 🌳 In m33t the scene is part of the room name – add if after the @ character, like that: YourAwesomeRoomName@EventEdifice

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Untitled-4-1024x640.jpg

Besides, the microphones look much nicer now 🎤

We have also fixed issues with sharing your screen on macOS 💻


m33t 0.4.0

Today we bring to you the new version of m33t – 0.4.0. It brings an update that shows the direction of m33t’s development: multiple scenes. Next to the scene which you know from the previous versions of m33t, now called VersatileValley, we have a more compact and serious ConferenceCentre. Type @ after the room name to set the scene for the room.The scene is part of the room’s name, so you can m33t, for example, in yourawesomeroom@ConferenceCentre.

A second new feature in m33t is screen sharing. In the ConferenceCentre scene, as well as in the conference hall in the VersatileValley’s castle, you can share your screen from the presenter’s podium. This is an alternative to uploading a presentation as images.

Finally, we have put microphones on the tables. Activating a microphone allows you to speak to everybody in the room.

We keep on working. Enjoy your m33tings!



eMaze is a virtual artistic installation in m33t by Przemysław Scheller, an award-winning contemporary music composer renown for his mastery of electronic music. In collaboration with a visual artist Ashley Pink he created the installation as answer to the cultural and social lockdown.

This immersive online installation is not only an authentic, artistic experience. Additionally, it takes up the challenge of maintaining the social nature of cultural events. It is intended to be visited together with others, everybody in his own home, yet sharing the experience and interacting before, during and after the visit.

The installation opens on January 28. at 20:00 UTC+01 in a special room “eMaze“. First an online vernissage will take place with the creators. After it the exhibition will stay open for everybody.

There is only a single eMaze room and it is always limited to 20 simultaneous visitors. This is intentional. Sometimes you may not be able to get in, but often you will m33t others during your visit!

In order to visit eMaze you will need a computer with headphones, a microphone and a camera. Make sure you have a quiet, distraction-free environment to fully experience the installation. Download m33t 0.4 and type eMaze as the room name. You will have to grant the program access to the camera and microphone so that others can see and hear you.

We encourage you to resist the urge to jump in immediately and to plan a visit with a group of friends!

Admission is free, sponsored by m33t. We also thank the Polish Society of Authors and Composers for support.


m33t 0.3.1

Today we are releasing a minor update to m33t: 0.3.1. You can grab it from the homepage.

We have unified the way you can interact with the objects in the world: now it is always clicking or, equivalently, pressing E. We have also added boards that inform you when images are being uploaded or downloaded. And we have fixed some bugs for you 🙂


Conference Scene

We have been looking into designing a scene that would be more appropriate for serious applications of m33t. It features a lecture or conference hall and a space for casual discussions.


m33t 0.2.0 release

Is is our pleasure to give you the next release of m33t. You can download it from the home page. As always, we focused on what makes m33ting a good and natural experience.

First: launching. Starting with this release m33t is signed for both macOS and Windows. Modern operating systems are very careful, and rightfully so, as users often are not, so you will still see a warning. MacOS will warn you, that you downloaded the app from the internet, rather than the App Store, but will also mention, that Apple has screened m33t and found no malicious software. This is the case for every app not distributed via the App Store. Windows on the other hand has a “Windows Defender SmartScreen” feature, which at the beginning always displays the warning informing you who digitally signed the software (the publisher). With time, as more and more people express their trust by clicking “More info” and “Run anyway”, Microsoft decides to stop displaying the warning.

Then we included a more cosy way to socialise. There is now a house in m33t! It is neatly furnished and, as promised, you can sit on the chairs, couches (and by the fire, too).

Finally, we have refined the m33t avatar. Specifically, the “head” indicates in which direction one is looking. Awareness of where the attention of others is directed is a crucial element in a deep social interaction – what m33t strives to give you.

We continue to work hard and there is still more to come!